Should I Make the Switch to Electronic Cigarettes?

Quitting Smoking After 40 Years

After the last doctor visit, it was time to give up my 2-pack a day habit and quit smoking, doctors orders. The doc suggested using the many alternatives to help ease into the quitting of my daily smoking habit, but all of them seem lame.

There is the nicotine gum, which tastes like crap and is very expensive, almost like buying actual packs of cigs. Then there is the cold-turkey approach to quitting which is extremely difficult to pull off and I make everyone around me miserable.

The best option that the doctor suggested was to try and make the switch over to electronic cigarettes and start vaping instead of inhaling the harmful smoke that comes from a cigarettes.

So I decided to try to make the transition over to the e-cigarette and still get my nicotine in my blood stream everyday and also have the feeling like I’m still smoking a regular tobacco cig.

With the electronic cigarette, quitting smoking has become much more bearable. All the same habits exist with an E-cig, like taking a drag on it, the end lights up, and inhaling in the smoke, although the e-cig you inhale water vapor that contains the nicotine.

stop-smokingThat’s good because there are no toxins that come from the electric cig and therefore the act of smoking, or in this case vaping, still gives my the satisfaction of smoking.

I started out with the vaporzone express starter kit and chose the e liquid that tastes most like tobacco, since that is what I like. And I must say, that after 2 weeks of making the switch to the e cig, I can say that I am able to quit smoking tobacco.

This was difficult at first, because you don’t get the throat hit from vaping like you do from regular cigarettes, but this is actually a good thing. I also opted for the full dose of nicotine on the liquid so as to get the most nicotine that was available.

So far so good, and I only took a drag of a real cig only once.

The benefits of switching from tobacco smoke over to electronic cigarettes and vapor, are many. For one thing, you don’t smell like smoke all the time, because there is no smoke. No more smelling like a tobacco ash tray and stinking up my hair and coloring my teeth yellow.

And my wife is all smiles too, she actually likes to kiss me now because I don’t have that cigarette smell on my lips. My lungs feel much better too as a result of no carcinogens and toxins being inhaled every day.

I’ve actually saved a bunch of money too by switching over to ecigs. They outlast the regular cigs and cost about half as much.

Well there you have it. I was skeptical at first to try and quit smoking as I’ve tried so many times. But making the switch to ecigs has proven to be the right choice for me.